Composer from New Zealand in international projects
An award-winning composer, performer, producer and collaborator,
Tatiana works in all styles and genres of music from antique chorales to heavy metal and modern electronics. She works on films and commissions and can mix the elements of sound design into the music.
Tatiana woks with directors, producers and musicians toward the common goals and creates innovative, award-winning film music and compositions.
She makes teamwork easy, productive and fun.
Tatiana is currently available for commission and consulting.

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Some of Tatiana's clients
"I am a filmmaker from Wellington, New Zealand. Tatiana was the sound designer and music composer on my short film ‘The Old Man Next Door’. In this role, she created and acquired all of the foley sound effects needed for the film, and created a musical score that really captured the emotional nuances of the film, and helped to convey the themes of the story that I was trying to portray. I really enjoyed working with Tatiana, and would highly recommend her for any type of work in this field."

- Aidan Otene Dickens

"I have worked with Tatiana many times. She made music for my videos and short films. Tatiana is attentive; she has many unexpected and great ideas. Working with her is also easy and fun. She turns the teamwork into the holidays! I don't know how she does it, but it’s a fact ☺ A lot of creativity and a storm of positive emotions! I will certainly invite Tatiana to my next project."

- Xenia Ladygina
Benjamin David
actor, writer, producer
Chris Barfoot
Tremaine Jotham
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